A space of nobel imagination,

The 'House of Wind' by Moon Hoon, an architect who has created a space beyond imagination, is a residential space created in Jeju Jeoji-ri artists' village. With crowdfunding investment, Stayfolio has reinterpreted the existing space and created a new stay called the ‘Space Duck'.

The Space Duck, divided into Space room and Duck room, is a good place to stay with many people. Duck room has a unique window that you can overlook nature of Jeju with duck eyes. The space room on the first floor has a large yard.

The interior was designed with unique styling. It's great place for gathering together, and the two rooms are completely separate, so there's no shortage of staying with lovers and friends. There are a lot of attractions around, so it is suitable for travelers.

62-14, Jeoji 12-gil, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si
Account Number Woori Bank 1005.402.998268 우주오리
For Inquiry 0504.0904.2007