A space of nobel imagination,

The 'House of Wind' by Moon Hoon, an architect who has created a space beyond imagination, is a residential space created in Jeju Jeoji-ri artists' village. With crowdfunding investment, Stayfolio has reinterpreted the existing space and created a new stay called the ‘Space Duck'.

The Space Duck, divided into Space room and Duck room, is a good place to stay with many people. Duck room has a unique window that you can overlook nature of Jeju with duck eyes. The space room on the first floor has a large yard.

The interior was designed with unique styling. It's a great place for a gathering, and the two rooms are completely separate, so there's no shortage of staying with lovers and friends. There are a lot of attractions around, so it is suitable for travelers.

62-14, Jeoji 12-gil, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si
Account Number Woori Bank 1005.402.998268 우주오리
For Inquiry 0504.0904.2007