Peak Season


  • The peak season is July, August, New Year holidays and Chuseok holidays. 
  • Weekend price is applied at the holiday and the day before the holiday.

More than 2 nights during non-seasonal week (SUN-THU)
10% discount off the total price

  • 10% discount off the total price is provided when guest accommodate more than 2 nights during off-season weekdays (SUN_THU)
  • Discount is not available during weekends (FRI-SAT) and peak season. The peak season is July, August, New Year holidays and Chuseok holidays.
  • The peak season is July, August, New Year holidays and Chuseok holidays.
  • Discount will be automatically applied during the payment phase at the time of booking.
  • It does not overlap promotion discount.


10 Days before check-in
No cancellation penalty
9 Days before check-in
10% penalty off the total price
8 Days before check-in
20% penalty off the total price
7 Days before check-in
30% penalty off the total price
6 Days before check-in
40% penalty off the total price
5 Days before check-in
50% penalty off the total price
4 Days before check-in
60% penalty off the total price
3 day before check-in
100% penalty off the total price

  • Please refer to the above table for the refund amounts

  • A 100% refund can be made if documents of proof are provided for plane/ship delays due to weather.

Q, What should guest check before reservation? 

  • Guest cannot check in if you exceed the maximum number of people.

  • Infants are taken into account with the maximum allowed capacity.

  • Minors without guardian and companion animal are not allowed.
  • Visitors that have not reserved a unit are prohibited to enter the premises 
  • For visitors staying for 2 nights, towels will not be renewed and cleaning will not be provided.
  • For visitors staying for more than 3 nights, towel renewals and cleaning will be provided.
  • If more than 5 people check in the Space,

    Each additional guest will be provided with a set of beddings (mattress, quilt and pillow).

  • When less than 4 people check in the Space, you cannot use the bedding in the closet.

  • Only the adults can enter the Duck. (Because of structural safety issues)

Q, How reservation is progressed?

  • After a successful transaction of the reservation, a confirmation message will be sent.

  • Reservation will be cancelled if the transaction is not made within 12 hours

  • If conflicting reservations exist for the same unit on the same day, the priorities will be set by the earliest request time.

  • If reservations are not available, contact us and we will give you a refund.

  • For changes and cancellations, contact 0504-0904-2007

  • Cash receipts are only available within 3 days prior to the reserved date. Please request in advance as receipts will not be available after the guided date range.

  • For commercial filming or viewing, please consult in advance.

Q.Which facilities and equipment are prepared?

  • In the kitchen in the room, you cannot cook food that smokes or smells.
  • Refrigerator, microwave, electric pot, dishware and cookery are equipped.
  • When using open-air bath, powder, foam bath and other petals, potpourri cannot be used.
  • Bathrooms are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body, hand, toothpaste, towel and dryer.
  • When 5 ~ 6 people enter the Space, we will provide bedding (mattress, quilt and pillow) per person.
  • You cannot use the bedding in the cabin when 4 people enter the Space.

Q.Is Barbecue available? 

  • Barbecue costs is 20,000 won
  • Barbecue is available in only the Space.
  • Grill, charcoal, foil, gloves, tongs and torch are prepared 
  • guest have to prepare food such as meat separately.
  • Check the option for barbecue when making a reservation.
  • If you cannot check when you make reservation, please come and speak on the day of reservation.
  • The Duck is not available for barbecue. Please excuse that.

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