A space of nobel imagination,

The 'House of Wind' by Mun Hoon Architectwho has created the space beyond the imagination, was made as a residential spacein the town of Jeju artist village. Based on the funding of crowdfunding, Stayfoliohas created a new space with the concept of 'Space Duck' as a STAY, through interior,styling and fabric design by reinterpreting of Mun Hoon.


Space Duckdivided into Space and Duck can stay for up to 6 people, Space is for 4 peopleand Duck is for 2 people. Duck has unique view to Jeju nature through the EYEwindows and is compactly composed of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, atoilet unit. Space at the first floor can accommodate a maximum of 4 people,and has the attractive spacious courtyard.


Kitty Bunny Pony took part in the fabric andgave it personality by styling that interpreted the space. It is good forgathering together and opening a party, and because the two rooms arecompletely separated, so there is no shortage of staying between lovers andfriends. Nearby, there is Jeju artist village and museums of contemporary art,and it is also close to Biotopia and Osulloc.

62-14, Jeoji 12-gil, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si
Account Number Woori Bank 1005.402.998268 우주오리
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